Message By FGJAM President, Mr. Ermin Siow

FGJAM, Federation of Goldsmiths and Jewellers Associations of Malaysia, is the umbrella body of various state associations consisting individual members of close to 1,500 companies nation wide. Throughout the years, with the help of the industry players and close cooperation of member state associations, FGJAM has played an effective role as a non-governmental organization, helping the industry to champion various related issues to the relevant government ministries.

The introduction of GST, Goods and Service Tax in April 2015 has impacted the industry quite significantly. There are quite a few related issues which need FGJAM to lobby and engage the relevant Ministries so as to minimize the negative impacts. We are constantly keeping in touch with the government departments to present our case and it is hoped that ultimately an amicable solution will be achieved acceptable to both the industry and the government.

FGJAM also plays an active role in helping the members to venture off shore and explore the foreign markets. We regularly organize trade delegations oversea, engaging with foreign trade organizations and visit trade fairs. These exposures will go a long way helping our local manufacturers and exporters to open doors which eventually will help to increase exports.

It is my sincere hope that other industry players who are yet to join the FGJAM family will come on board and together, with increased strength, FGJAM can further contribute more effectively to the whole gold and jewellery industry , making Malaysia one of the major players in Asia, if not the world .

总会长致词 萧德明先生